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Protecting your home from the elements should be a top priority, and it starts with your roof. At Seabolt Roofing Solutions, we offer comprehensive roofing services for homeowners in Randolph County, North Carolina.

Roofing Solutions

Whenever you need roofing services, our experts will be there.

We have a unique understanding of roofs and their incredible importance. From shedding water to insulating the interior to enhancing your home’s appearance, your roof has many roles to play and requires professional help when it comes to installation or other services.

When you need a new roof, we can provide the exceptional materials you deserve from reputable manufacturers. Our team will nail down each shingle and take care of the entire process with attention to detail to ensure excellent performance for years to come. If your roof has a leak, missing shingles, or other issues, we will repair them thoroughly. We can also perform inspections, maintenance, and roof replacements. No matter the size of your roofing project, our dedication to high-quality results and your satisfaction will be the same.

Our Services


Our experts are here for all your roofing needs and will deliver exceptional results every time.


Protect your home from water damage by installing high-quality gutters that will last for years.

Roofing Replacement

No roof lasts forever, but we can replace yours with one that performs optimally.

Why Choose Us?


30+ Years of Experience

We have decades of experience and a longstanding reputation for quality in our community.

High-Quality Brands

We use the best roofing materials from the best roofing brands, including GAF and Owens Corning.


Fully Insured

We are fully insured for workers’ compensation and liability, so you can feel confident working with us.

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In addition to residential roofing, we can provide our roofing services for churches, schools, offices, and many commercial buildings. We take care to assess all the facts of each project and provide the absolute best service around. When we’re finished, we can even provide gutter services for further protection.

Contact us today if you need reliable roofing or gutter services.

Price was great but talk about surprised! Quality was second to none! The job was finished on time! And the cleanup was immaculate! No sneaky nails hiding in my grass or driveway! You couldn’t even tell that Kenny and crew had been there if it wasn’t for that beautifully done roof! I had called two different Angie’s List contractors who didn’t know how to keep an appointment or even call back. Call a dependable, forthright, local guy who keeps his word! I can’t brag on Seabolt Roofing Solutions enough!

- Roger P.

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